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Sea scallops wrapped in organic bacon with herb and butter carrots

Sounds pretty dang good right? New England is known for its seafood. The best lobster I have ever had in my life came right off the boat under the foot bridge in Ogunquit, Maine.

You can actually find scallops right off the coast of Massachusetts, and all along the New England coast up to Maine, and I'm sure the same goes for states more South.

You know me - super simple, super easy, and super delicious. This was seriously delicious. I felt like a queen eating my bacon wrapped scallops. The only time I have ever eaten them was at a party - why not for dinner?! I had them both stored in my freezer. I had my bacon already prepped (checkout how I do that here) and actually had a bag of scallops from last year that were still fresh that I used for a chowder. I used my Kate's butter too :) it's all I use now - straight from Maine!

Just thaw your scallops, wrap them in bacon and secure each one with a tooth pick. Get your pan nice and toasty with your local butter and fry them up! Sear them on both sides and add some herbs, I used thyme that I have dried in the fridge. I had some fresh carrots stored which I boiled and added butter and herbs to as well - they were so nice and sweet!

Every single ingredient on this plate could have come from my state. Did they? No, but they could have, and that's a big step forward in being more sustainable. I could have grown the carrots myself, the butter came from Maine and I assume the scallops did as well. Herbs are so easy to grow on your own and store for years once they're dried! Baby steps make huge change, and they're easy when they taste so good :) if I can do it, you can too.

You can try ordering scallops straight from local fishermen in Maine:

SOPO Seafood - Maine Dayboat Scallops


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