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Brussel sprouts: winter's magic veggie

Oh this was so good. I am always trying to choose better options when it comes to making more sustainable choices. It's hard to find variety in the winter when it comes to season vegetables, but brussel sprouts are a great option!

Brussel sprouts are basically a little mini cabbage, making them great for the winter. Checkout how they grow in the snow here!

I love to bake mine with salt and garlic until they are extra crispy :) they have kind of a meaty bite to them too, with so many nutrients!

Peppers don't grow in the winter - but you can freeze your own in the summer and store them properly in a deep freezer if you have the ability to do so. I just did a simple pan fry with some smoky chicken sausage. This was awesome. So easy, so tasty, and good for you.

Get curious about where your food comes from!

How can you make more sustainable choices? What grows where you live? How far did it need to travel to get to your plate? Could you grow it on your own someday?

We might not be able to fix everything as soon as we want to, but we can start by making tiny choices which add up to great change and lead us into a better direction.


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