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Pad Thai: an easy and versatile way to clean out your vegetable drawer

Have you ever had Pad Thai? It is basically a mixture of rice noodles, a savory peanut sauce, and vegetables. It is so easy to make, and soooooo good. It's a great way to use up any vegetables you have lying around!

First you need to do a little veggie stir fry. I have been using a lot of root vegetables in my cooking, like onions and carrots - because that is what we would have been eating from the root cellar just a few hundred years ago during the cold months in New England. You grew it, you stored it, and you ate it when nothing else was coming out of the ground.

You can also add more vegetables - celery is really good, and broccoli. I have been trying to eat more seasonally and use what I already have. It helps me be more creative! I was actually going to order Pad Thai the night I made this, but decided to make it instead - I saved money, calories, gasoline to go get it, and used what I had lying around!

You can also add meat like chicken or shrimp - really anything you like! I decided to add an egg, I figured if they add it to fried rice, it would taste just as good in this, and it did! I used one of my organic eggs - but if you have your own laying hens then this is a perfect opportunity to use your own! First time I have done it like this and I loved it. The trick is to keep the heat lower, about medium heat, and add a decent amount of butter before adding the egg so it doesn't stick. Add it to the pan like you would do a scramble, but instead of scrambling it quickly, do it slowly by stirring it in a circle - it will make tiny little pieces.

The sauce is super simple. I usually make mine with a little peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil and a little maple syrup (or sugar, but maple syrup tastes just as good, and you can make it at home) - sounds strange but trust me, it's good. You have to experiment a little to see what tastes good to you. I also add in fresh garlic and sometimes Siracha for some extra spice. My Dad would always take me to Panda Express when I was little - Chinese food was our favorite! This is how I like to cook it at home. And of course, with chop sticks. :)

Add everything to you rice noodles and that's it! Green onions are great as a topping, but I had some leftover parsley which tasted just as good. I also had some sesame seeds :) yum!!!


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