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How to never work another day in your life? Do what you love.







Anyone else realize the world is falling apart, or am I the only one? If 2020 didn't hit you like a freight train ton of bricks, you might just already be a zombie. Sorry human, but the world ended in 2020.

I don't know about you, but I started to realize a few things.

The government is not interested in our health, happiness or wellbeing.

The government is a business run for profit - and we are the commodity.

We are under mass manipulation, and, nobody is coming to save us.

Nobody is coming to save you.

Nobody is coming to save the planet, or the human race.

Among the crowds of frenzied apocalyptic mayhem, I felt like I was living outside of a strange world looking in. I was watching people being sucked down into a trench of insanity, all around me.

If I wasn't raised to think for myself, I might have just eaten all that sh*t right up, too.

But, God made me smart. God made me smart by teaching me you can't trust everything your hear. You can't trust everything you see. God taught me to not listen to someone's words, but how they speak. God made me wild from the beginning, by showing me what the world is really all about. That people are kind and lovely, but incredibly stupid, mindless, and downright evil in the right circumstances. God taught me how to fend for myself and be unafraid of standing alone against a crowd. God taught me that we are flawed. God taught me how to speak for myself, and how to know the signs of evil when I see it.

And I saw it, everywhere.

I'm not religious, and I don't consider myself spiritual, but I know God. I know God firsthand.

God has a way of showing you things if you know how to listen.

I heard. I saw. I felt. and I ran. I ran to a new place, and I found new people, and I found new things.

Far away from the crumbling world I was born into. I saw it all falling to pieces right in front of my eyes.

But, I didn't have to run far, I had to run higher, and lift myself out of the muck and gunk of what the world was trying to get me to believe, even if I couldn't bare to see the truth, God was going to show me, because God knows me, and he knew he could trust me.

And so I trusted him.

I gave him permission to show me everything, no matter how much it hurt, I wanted to see.

So I saw.

I saw what was being done to us. I saw that nobody wanted to listen. I saw that I would be alone in this, and I was going to have to go my own way. I saw that there was going to be no saving others, only saving myself.

So I fought.

I ran.

I climbed and I jumped.

I burrowed, and slid and grappled and screamed.

Until I found home.

Until I found a place where none of that insanity exists.


Within myself.

Nobody can hurt you without your permission.

An energy began to grow inside of me. A fire. But not a flaming fire, something much deeper.


Embers are as hot as the fire that created them.

The pain of living through 2020 torched everything I was, until I had nothing but embers left.

I get to decide what I do with those embers.

I get to decide what fires I want to burn.

So I burnt down the idea that I was made to work.

I burnt down the idea that others have a say in what I do with my body.

I burnt down the idea that anyone can tell me what the f*ck to do.

I burnt down the idea that I am anything other than me - a human being.

I am a woman.

I am a woman who can create life.

I am a woman who can raise both men and women.

I am a woman who owns my own life.

I own what I do with it.

I own what I DON'T do with it.

I own where my money goes.

What I eat.

What I listen to.

Who has access to me and who doesn't.

You can put me in a prison cell and I'll still be me. Behind steel bars I would still be me.

Because that's what the government wants to do with people like me.

Silence them.

Separate them.

Detain them.

I have a clear mind and a clear heart.

I don't let people f*ck with me.

The world doesn't like people like me, because people like me cannot be controlled.

People like me are wild and free,a nd sometimes dangerous.

Well, I dare you to be dangerous.

Nature is a dangerous force.

But the same nature that creates the storm, is the same nature that blooms the flowers.

My friend, we have been f*cked beyond what you would be prepared to believe if I told you.

There is a rabbit hole, and it's a deep one.

And it will keep you running until you find that the only end is inside of you.

You are the destination.

You are freedom.

You are a gift to the world.

We are family.

So what does this all have to do with never working another day in your life?

It's one single decision.

It's deciding to own your life, and follow that feeling. Embrace whatever comes with that feeling, and you will never work another day in your life.

The mind control begins when we're children, "what are you going to be when you grow up?"

It's all fake.

It's all an illusion.

You never grew up, because you're here, right now, reading this.

You're still you, but all dressed up in ideas you were told to believe.

Ideas you were forced to believe. Ideas you were punished for, if you didn't believe.

Burn it all to hell.

You are a single being with a gift. Express that gift.

Express your joy.

Live, starting right now. You can leave the old world behind and start living in a new one, this second, right now. The door to that world starts with one single decision.

That you're ready to meet who you really are.

Be brave. The world is full of angels. About 8 billion of them.

Things might get a lot worse before they get better.

That's okay. It's all okay.

Right now is all that exists - and even that is questionable.

Decide what makes life worth living, and do that. Make your life worth living.

If it doesn't go well today, you get a whole new chance tomorrow.

(F*ck the system.)



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