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Baked salmon with Vermont maple syrup

Omg this was DELICIOUS.

I wanted to put this recipe somewhere... mostly for myself. :)

Super simple and easy! Defrost your salmon (always suggest fresh from the seafood department or market, even if you have to freeze after), and throw your potatoes in a pot (chopping them smaller will cook them faster - you can leave the potatoes in the water all day until you cook.) Checkout how I prep my meat here.

I made my "marinade" just by doing about 1- 1 1/2 tbsp Vermont maple syrup, 1 clove of fresh grated garlic (paste consistency) and added some fresh dried thyme from the fridge. Use fresh garlic that your grate yourself, trust me! :)

Slather it on your defrosted salmon, skin side down on a foil lined pan and put your potatoes on high, and bake your salmon at 425 degrees. Everything will be done in 20-25 minutes. Keep an eye on your salmon until it's golden on top.

I added salt, pepper and fresh butter to the taters and a little bit of old bay seasoning to the fish once everything was done. I also added a little bit of fresh chopped garlic to the mashed potatoes because I had some leftover - why not.

Oh! This was seriously so good!!!!! Enjoy :)

Garlic is so good for your heart and blood. I always use it in my cooking! My mom used to take me to the Garlic and Arts festival when I was a kid! I remember tasting all different kinds of raw garlic, it was such a fun festival as a kid. So many cool people, awesome food, and so much to learn. Highly suggest it to anyone who has never been. Whenever I cook with raw garlic I try to eat a few little pieces - WHEW it is hot but it feels so great and there are so many health benefits to raw garlic. Do some research and try it, I dare you! :)

All of the ingredients in this are either local, or with the ability to grow or harvest yourself. Even the salmon (stocked ponds are a start)! Enjoy. Start being more mindful of where you food is coming from, and eat well to be well.


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