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How to easily clean and re-use old glass jars

I love to use old jars! I don't know why... but there is just something that makes me happy about it. Whether it's giving "trash" a second life, or just making something old, new again - I just think it's a simple, easy, creative and smart way to do something even just a little better for the planet.

I like to use these kinds of jars for storing dry goods, like coffee and spices, and taller jars for flower vases. Wide-mouth jars are great for making and storing your own body scrubs too - plus, it is a great way to make a gift. I have also spray-painted the lids, but you can decorate them in any way you wish, or just leave them they way they are!

Step 1 - Wash jar with soap and water (obviously)

Step 2 - Peel any stickers or labels off. If they don't come off easily, try soaking the jar in warm water then rubbing the label off.

Step 3 - Once dried, remove any leftover sticker or label residue with GooGone - love this stuff! Plus it smells really nice, like citrus. A cotton balls or round works best and a little goes a long way.

Step 4 - Remove any leftover ink. Usually any "best used by" dates are printed on the jar with alcohol based inks, so they can either be removed with rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover.

Step 5 - I usually give it 1 last wash and completely let it dry before adding whatever I want to the jar! Use it and enjoy it. :)


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