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Frozen jelly! Amber "jelly roll" mushroom in frozen temperatures

Updated: Jan 27

Now I KNOW I have seen this so many times before, but always thought it looked... gross!

I now have a deeper appreciation for this creepy... gelatinous... wiggly fungus which is actually edible and has been used for it's nutritional value.

This is called Amber Jelly Roll! I think the name is so pretty, but the mushroom itself looks like something you wouldn't want to touch. But, for me, that makes me want to touch it even more...

I found some earlier this year and it was bright, neon orange. It really looked like something I shouldn't touch... yet I did anyway. It felt so cool, and was beautiful! The color was electric and it felt slippery and slimy like a fish. This version of "jelly fungus" is called Witch's Butter.

This time it's a deep brown (which is a different type than the orange one I found earlier in the year). I was surprised to find anything since it was freezing out, but I guess this is a fungus that grows abundantly even in freezing temperatures. It is translucent and has very little mass to it - most of it is water, so I think that's why it does so well if it freezes, it just turns to an ice cube. Then when it thaws, it continues to grow.

And, it's also edible! It can be cooked or added to stews and soups for added nutritional value and sustenance.


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