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Enjoying a February nor-easter in New England, off-grid

I was so excited to hear we were getting a nor-easter this week! Word started going around this past weekend that we were going to be getting hit with some snow Tuesday morning. So naturally, like the kid I still am, I started planning what I would do with my snow day! Since I work outside, we take the day off when the schools are canceled - what a life I have chosen!

Testing out my new drip coffee maker

I was really excited to try this today. I have been wanting a drip coffee maker to use off grid, and was really surprised to find nobody really sold them around here, not even the sport store! I was really looking for a collapsible one so I could take it hiking with me as well as use it at home, but I didn't want to order one online and have it shipped. So, the only place that sold them near where I lived was Target. I was hesitant to buy this one since it's glass, but I was super surprised at how much I liked it!

My coffee had a heart in it!

Snow slushies from the great outdoors

Ever make a snow slushie? I have been making these ever since I was a kid! This time I made a frozen apple cider - yum! You can use whatever drink you want :) get creative. You know me, the weirder the better! Get yourself a big cup of snow and add your drink! Who the heck doesn't like these?

No birds yet, I guess they forgot to shovel...

And a cooler-fridge packed with snow!


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