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My Wild Backyard About Me Page

I am a Massachusetts native who grew up playing in the mud and mixing twigs and berries into "fairy potion" - among many other things, like riding in my Barbie Jeep  and doing anything to avoid homework. Now that I'm an adult... I do the same! Just a little more radical.

I love to be outside and find quiet places. I love animals, adventure, and consider myself to be a highly creative person. I like to make my own rules, which is my greatest strength and steepest downfall.

I have become more and more interested in learning about sustainable living and holistic wellness. I believe "the cure" is within us, and nature helps us find it.

I also believe in taking care of the environment, and taking care of ourselves.

Here I share a little bit of what I am learning to help others get curious too.

I hope you enjoy :) 

Get weird, be nice, and remember you're on a floating rock in outer space... that makes you a rock-on alien (get it).  You are made for this. Remember how amazing you are.

With love,


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